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    • Oat flakes

      Oat flakes

      Oat flakes are high in energy and of biological value. Their quite a high amount of fibre, calcium, vitamins and other healthy substances along with easy digestion make them suitable for various diets, children´s and athletes´diet. Apart from common flakes we also produce fine oat flakes. Their greatest advantage is in fast preparation. They are ready for consumption immediately after you pour e.g. milk on them, so you avoid long soaking time.

    • Wheat flakes

      Wheat flakes

      Wheat flakes are a very delicious complement of your diet. They can be added into müsli or bakery mixtures instead of part of flour. After browning they bring pleasant nut flavour to the meal.

    • Rye flakes

      Rye flakes

      Rye flakes are used mainly for bakery mixtures for bread production. They contain high number of B-vitamins. They support intestines activity and their consumption is beneficial to arteries and all circulatory system.

    • Barley flakes

      Ječné vločky

      Barley flakes are useful as garnish for soups. Yoghurt producers add them to müsli because they do not get saturated as easily as other kinds of flakes.

    • Peeled barley

      Barley flakes

      Peeled barley is rich in starch, proteins, B-vitamins and mineral salt. We produce it in several sizes – large, middle-sized, small, cracked and pearls. It is suitable for preparation of a great amount of sweet and salty meals. It has no distinct taste but it used to be eaten a lot in the past, because it is a cheap alternative to rice and has a long-term filling effect. It needs quite a long time of cooking before consumption.

Favourite recipe

Cup sweets

Cup sweets

5 cups of oat flakes, 1 cup of cocoa, 1condensed sweetened milk, 1 a cup of oil, cut nuts, raisins. Mix and create small heaps, put them on an oiled baking tray and bake at 120°C for about 10-20... more »

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